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I posted a video on LinkedIn this week about perspective and getting some. It's part of a challenge to post four videos in four weeks. If you haven't seen it then I've replicated the post...


Yesterday was a day of contrasts for me. It was a fairly long day at church, from opening up, through the service and youth group to a leaders meeting after lunch. It was maybe no surprise then when I woke up on the floor of my living room at 7pm, having slept for...

Future Skills

I was reading an article from the World Economic Forum at the tail end of last year about the skills our children will need for their jobs in the future and bemoaning the lack of preparation they are currently getting via traditional schooling, which is geared for...


I am thinking of buying a maritime code flag D for Rebekkah's buggy. It was a lovely day today and so we went for a post-Christmas-overindulgence walk along the canal. The path is relatively dry underfoot (apart from the detour over the golf course - well done to...

Demolish To Develop

I was inspired by seeing another site in Glasgow this week following my previous words about the Science Centre. This time it was a partly-demolished building in front of a glistening recently-constructed block. I was reminded of it later in the day whilst recording...

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Nick has been writing for mass consumption ever since he was sending newsletters home from the Philippines 20+ years ago. He has carried on putting finger to keyboard, branching out into magazines, manuals and recently submitting lots of words for books. He has always aimed to be entertaining but at the same time challenging. If you like something, feel free to pass it on to someone else, but if you are challenged by it then even better - write a comment, start a debate, add to the fun.